Our Story

Beauty will save the world and we grow it!

When Mary & Earl acquired our small farm, the orchard was hidden under heavy bramble bushes and was in dire need of love. They revived our 2-acre farm these last 10 years and the farm is now packed with beautiful cut flowers interspersed through an old orchard, blueberry bushes and vegetable gardens.


The farm has been using sustainable, organic and low impact practices, and we keep the tradition going. We reserve a part of our crops to attract and nourish bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and many other beneficial insects, important teammates in growing healthy flowers and fruits. We also enjoy the company of our dogs, cats and ducks. At night, happy croaking frogs and an owl nesting in our patch of wild woods bring a fairytale twist to the farm.​

At the farm, we like to make time to stop and enjoy family dinners together, where flowers brighten up the room and fresh vibrant meals are shared using what we grow. We want to share all this goodness with you!

Mary & Earl Hannan

Julie Rémy

Dwight Durham

Mary & Earl are the owners. Retired educators, they enjoy tending to the garden serendipitously. Mary is a wealth of information when it comes to plants and Earl who used to do the bulk of the work, is more and more enjoying being a retiree and let Julie & Dwight do the hard work. 

Julie is the heart of the operations and owner of Fleuris Studio & Blooms. She is bringing the farm to its full potential. She is the planner, organizer, designer and keeps an eye on everything when she is not planting new flowers, creating stunning arrangements, or baking your next amazing guilt free cake.

Before landing at the farm, she used to travel the world with Doctors Without Borders and share visual stories of those most in need.

Dwight is the rock who underpins our family. He is the caregiver who tends to the ducks, oversees soil work, irrigation and can fix almost anything. He is the heavy lifter. Outside the farm, Dwight runs a successful garden design & maintenance business. He's also an awesome cook!

Before returning home to Victoria, he was working in organic farming in California and was travelling the world working in the film industry.

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